GSP should fight Anderson NOT Bisping!

Hey Fight Squad, whats up?

I wanna talk about GSP’s return in the UFC. It’s definetly official now. First Dana White announced it and now the former champ did the same with a video in his social media.

He is expected to return in the Octogan at the end of Summer or later and there are 4-5 main candidates to face him. I think the fight to make is with Anderson Silva and definetely, not with Bisping.

I ‘m sorry Mike, i ‘ll still watch the fight if it gets made but i ‘d rather it didnt. Let;s start with that fight first.


GSp vs Michael Bisping for the middleweight title, or a catchweight title, is a bad idea. First of all its gonna hold up the rest of the division and there are a couple of guys who are waiting for their chance, Romero being the number one in that list. Aren’t there enough divisions all cloced up from UFC’s “NEW” matchmaking?

Then, the point of a title fight, is to have the 2 top guys at the moment, fighting for the belt. Are GSP and Bisping the best middleweights in the world? Who can say that with a straight face? Bisping won the belt fair and square but in what universe are his first 2 defenses, Henderson right before retirement and GSP with 3 years of Cage rust.

Also, don’t forget that Bisping is much bigger, he used to fight in light heavyweight and GSP is a medium welterweight who once said, that he ‘d make lightweight easier than middleweight. And even if he beats Bisping, then he has to defend against other monsters like Romero, Weidman, Jacare and so on?

This is a bad idea and it only serves if GSP can’t for some reason, make 170 pounds any more or they need to give him a title fight for promotional reason. Which GSP doesnt need. His return is enough.

Who is the best choise of them all? Anderson Silva. And we know that the Brasilian wants this fight 100%.

A couple of months back his son, teased the fight on Instagram, then later Anderson himself said that “it would be for the good of the sport”. I dont know about that, but thats the fight i prefer.

GSP vs Silva can happen in any weight, since noone is a champion or a top contender so they wont hold up any of the divisions.

Its the original superfight. Even if both of them have lost some sparkle, people will certainly pay to see them fight. You can promote them as the 2 Goat candidates of the UFC in a fight even more important than champion vs champion. The UFC can say that this battle decides who is the UFC GOAT and not many people will complain.

Also, you dont know what’s GSP’s condition.No matter how much he trained we should expect some ring rust and a bit slower less explosive fighter. Kinda like how Anderson is today. Perfect fight.

If GSP wins, give him the title fight in 170 pounds or give him Mcgregor. I’d rather see him fight for his old belt, than face Conor, and the Diaz fight would be OK but all these other choises are better than the Bisping fight.

Against Nick Diaz, we ve seen it already and Nate is not as good as his brother at 170, who GSP has already clearly beat.  it will be a fun enough fight but i wouldn’t go crazy about it. If he can  fight Conor at 155 then that sounds good, but only after he has shaken some of the ring rust.

There are other choises too, maybe not as popular. He can fight the winner of Thompson vs Woodley for the WW belt, or fight top contender Demian Maia. I think both fights are OK but, again, not without another fight first.

What do you guys think? i m really interested in hearing your ideas and opinion on who should be GSP’s first fight and how do you think he does!

Thats it for today, i hope you have a good day and if you liked the video, i ‘d appreciate a thumbs up or a subscription if you haven’t already. Thank you for your time!


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