Do you remember that video we did where we said that GSP fighting Bisping was a bad idea? Somehow i dont think UFC president Dana White, saw it… weird… 

SO its official. Ι ‘m starting to think Bisping has some dirt on Dana White, or maybe he is the secet mastermind behind new owners WME IMG….

Dana himself announced it at ESPNs Sportcenter. GSP will be fighting Middleweight champion Michael Bisping for his belt.

We dont have a date yet, cause St Pierre has to go through an initial 3 month testing period with USADA, but we should expect it at the end of summer, maybe later.

So, Yoel Romero, who was official the nr 1 contender and who was offered the fight that didnt happen cause Bisping was injured, just got !$!@#$ royaly.

He has been campaign so hard for that, trying to build the hype and creating a rivalry with the English champ and now, he has no opponet… who is he going to fight? Weidman he just beat. Jacare he beat. Theres Rockhold maybe…if he comes back from the injury, maybe Mousasi if he beats Weadman or some other lower ranked fighter who might be a loose loose situation. Either he just lost the biggest opportunity of his life because the UFC is treating its rankings as like some kind of inside joke.

Now, the fight between GSP and Bisping is set and i have to say, the Canadian has his plate full. Bisping is much bigger, he has a very good takedown defence and is a technical, tactila striker that doesnt like to leave oppenings. He is in good shape and will be ready.

GSP hasnt fought in 3 years, we dont know the level of his ring rust, he is much smaller and though he had great takedowns and timing, Bisping is a really hard to counter. There doesnt seem to be any reach advantage for bisping btw which is kinda weird and GSP is or was at least, e better athlete and all around fighter than him.

If he actually comes better than his odler self when he was the champ he might get the belt but if he is diminshed then it might be a hard night for him.

Let me know what you think about this match up in the comments bellow!

On other news, this Saturday we have UFC 209 where Woodley and Thompson are fighting for the 2nd time, after the draw in their first fight. I have no problem with Woodley but i think Thompson will make the necessary adjustments to win this fight.

We laso get to see the Nurmagomedov – Ferguson match and thats even more interesting for me. I think either guy has equal chance to win but i ll give a slight edge to Khabib because he has the wrestling advantage, at least on paper.

There is also, Overeem vs Hunt and if that fight doesnt end in a KO i dont which fight will. The Reem has releashed his new documentay episode and you can find the full link in the description bellow , together with other interesting links.

Let me know guys, who do you have as the winner both in the GSP – Bisping fight and the three UFC 209 fights!


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