A diet and a journey

Hello people, my name is Chris bardas, i am a combat sports journalist and a content creator in Greece.

Welcome to my Weight loss journey pt. 2!

I was always a well build kid but i also did a lot of sports growing up so i was staying somewhat fit.  But, when i finished school at age 18teen i cut down on sports and started eating bad, then much worst, i started drinking, had bad sleeping habits  and  i ended up with a kinda messed up lifestyle.

But since it got there gradualy it took me a lot of years till i finally accepted i needed to change it and face it head on.

And this is what am trying to do now.

Or… actually this is what i started to do last year, January 2016, but after some early success i reverted back to my old ways. Then i tried again last summer, had some results and then failed again.

But its ok cause now i am already 3 months into the change, i realised i need more support, i asked for it and i am on my way to a more healthy lifestyle.

Away from Depression, low self esteem and the habit of making my life much harder that it should be in al aspects, professional and personal.

I am not gonna go Vegan suddenly, i am not gonna start preaching and pretend to be a “life coach” or a “personal trainer” even if i lose all the extra weight, i m just gonna be posting Honest thoughts and updates about my own struggle and journey . Content on fitness, diet,  and a more active lifestyle with a lot of travelling and fun cause its an emotional struggle too.

I hope you ll join me so we can support each other on any kind of journey we might be at.



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